DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps is a modern trend that emerged in our era, where the use of automation is becoming more and more widespread. This trend increases the communication between the team that produces software technologies and the team that uses automation. Thus, it allows the development of automation skills that contribute to the operation processes or the faster intervention to the emerging problems. With DevOps, the software lifecycle is automated. This change contributes to the transfer of instant connections between software and system teams to a more dynamic and effective ground. The software team, which gets rid of operational processes, provides efficient, fast and problem-free live environment outputs by using modern engineering methods.

Eliminating Risks

The DevOps consultancy process aims to identify the right tools and minimize risks at the point of implementation of the application. Thus, the management of resources takes place similar to the “self-service” model. In this process, the right engineering approaches increase the desired benefit and efficiency from the application. Fast detection of emerging errors such as bugs; It allows the software team to detect errors early, thus gaining instant intervention skills. The early solution of the error creates an advantage in favor of the institution in reducing the damage and risks that may arise.

What is DevOps not?

In order to better understand the approach to be offered within the scope of DevOps consultancy service, the following should be stated: It is not correct to perceive this approach as a package program or a tool. It cannot be applied suddenly to the organization. In terms of efficiency, it gives importance to the analysis of the organization to be implemented and the determination of the application steps

Advantages of DevOps Approach

Communication between the software developer team and the team operating the automations increases, and the bond of transparency and cooperation is strengthened. Infrastructure resources are used more effectively and efficiently. Continuous improvement and change becomes faster